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Devil Insider #6: Child Of Heaven And Earth

In a grass field, surrounded by trees, there’s a child with bright red eyes, and dark blue hair, playing with a fox as big as him. A sunny smile is drawn on the child’s face, as he laughs with great enthusiasm. One can see in his face how innocent and sweet he is inside and outside. While the child is hugging the fox, laying down on the grass, a woman can be heard from the distance, with a sweet and welcoming voice, calling to him: “Gaby! I need your help to make dinner, come over!” He says to his fox “C’mon Danny! Get off of me! Mom’s calling, let’s go!”

Gaby and Danny run off into the forest, and before it can be noticed, they find themselves next to a rustic house, and a woman with dark blue hair and red eyes is waiting by the door. Gabriel approaches her enthusiastically and hugs her tight before she tells him “Alright Gaby, I’m gonna make the slowest stew you’ve ever seen! But for that, I’m gonna need a lot of firewood, it’s gonna be cooking for hours and hours after all! So, I’m gonna need you to help me by gathering more, alright? Go get all you and Danny can carry!”

Gaby nods and he runs away with Danny to look for the firewood, he goes far to not ruin the look of his home’s immediate surroundings. The mother watches as the boy and the fox go back into the forest, getting occluded by the trees. Her warm smile falls off, and her eyes go sharp in anticipation for what she knew was coming. “Gabriel, my son, run away, and don’t look back. Someone will take care of you.” she thinks to herself and goes into the house.

Running around in the forest to look for firewood, Gabriel trips on a tree’s root and he gets his knee scratched. He sits down and holds his knee to endure the pain, then Danny comes up to him and licks the injury which is gone right after. Gabriel pets Danny and gets up like nothing happened, he then continues his search, but he jogs instead of running so he won’t trip again.

Running towards the house with a bunch of firewood on him, Gabriel tells Danny -who’s holding a single branch- about how good his mother’s stews are, and that maybe this time he can give him some. It’s already nighttime, and a strong orange glow can be seen from where the house is, Gabriel says it must be a campfire and thinks nothing of it.

As Gabriel and Danny get closer, a strong fire can be heard from the distance, Gabriel can smell something burning, but they keep running towards the house. Gabriel keeps a big smile, until the house can be seen between the trees no longer in the way, and then the house is right in front of them. Both him and the fox make a sudden stop and drop the firewood they’ve been carrying, in silence.

The fox looks at the boy with a concerned expression, and the boy falls to his knees as the fox nuzzles him in a futile attempt to console him. The boy begins to cry, understandably so. The rain begins, and he yells from the top of his lungs.

The house is burning. The boy’s father is on the ground, bleeding to death, telling the boy to help him, reaching out for him, before his body ultimately gives up as Gabriel looks in terror and disbelief. He looks up to see his mother, she has majestic white wings, but she’s being impaled with seven golden spears. She looks over to Gabriel, and reaches for him with her hand, which has a small cross hanging from it, with a subtle yellow glow that quickly dissipates into the air leaving no trace.

Gabriel’s mother smiles and says to him: “I was hoping you would take, run far away, Gabriel, run from here and make yourself a new life, as someone will find somebody who will love you, so go, and don’t look back…remember, we will always love you, and even if you can’t tell, we’re always gonna be with you..”

Gabriel can’t see them, as his eyesight is locked dead center to his mother’s eyes, but surrounding her are 7 angels, all in white coats and combat boots, as well as white hats with a black piece of cloth hanging from it, covering their faces completely, and they all pull their spears. Gabriel’s mother falls to the ground, and with an smile, she immediately urges Gabriel to look away and run, but he stays still, crying, and staring at her. Suddenly, an 8th angel shows up, with a more robust looking outfit, and a golden axe, and he decapitates her.

Gabriel screams in pure horror, and Danny barks at the angels furiously. The 8th angel approaches Gabriel slowly, as he gets up and backs up, tripping on a rock. “No! No! Get away! Leave us alone!” he yells, and when the angel is right in front of him, the angel’s hand reaches for Gabriel, turning so his palm faces to the side, and then…

The dark knight, bleeding, ashamed of his defeat, walking across a castle’s hall. He stops and looks down, images of a woman with white hair, red skin and horns, holding a katana flashes through his mind, as he puts his hand on his face. “Mine! Mine! Thief! Thief! Give back!” he whispers to himself, and he takes his sword, he strikes the wall and the entire thing collapses, before he screams “Ellen Walker!”

To Be Continued

Drawing by Eranahh
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